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Hello Bitches,

My name is Kenna and I’m the owner of this shop. I decided to make my own vegan/animal lover/vodka lovers clothing line after endless hours spent trying to find a awesome vegan clothing. I found it’s either a very aggressive message or the clothing the cute designs are made on, aren’t shirts I want to wear. I created this shop to promote the love of all things awesome: rescuing shelter pets, promoting a plant based lifestyle and yoga. I stand behind all of my products, they are all tested by me. I put a shit ton of vodka in my canvas bags and they can carry a lot without falling apart. They’re my new go to for beach days, farmer’s market trips, yoga classes and hauling my kids’ stuff around. I’ve made sure the shirts, tanks and hoodies I use can hold up in the washing machine, stay soft and not pill (huge pet peeve of mine!). I promise to sell you the highest quality products that are made ethically.

Here is a bit about our production process:

  • Local (to me, in the Pacific Northwest) U.S.A. print shop
  • Cruelty free materials and inks
  • Eco-friendly and sustainably made materials
  • Stainless Steel beverage containers made in the USA and BPA free
  • Clothing tags are made from recycled cardboard
  • High quality items made with love and care

Be sure to follow me on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter. Thanks for being a member of my tribe and supporting a mompreneur.

Peace, love and vodka,


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. What’s your rate for shipping to Canada?

    1. It’s around $13, that’s the cheapest I have found so far.

  2. good morning!! I live in CDA and came upon your site that you posted on Bernie Sanders site…I was wondering if you are a shop here in town or are your products online only? Love the Bernie Sanders Tee!! I have friends in Seattle that are interested too…Thank You for your time…

    1. Hi Santina! I’m currently online only at this time. Maybe one day I’ll be in stores locally. Let me know if I can assist you or your friends in any way. Thanks!

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